January 19, 2006

Mr Honky Tonk Strikes Back

Honky Tonk's on the prowl again, terrorizing bureaucrats and telephonists the length and breadth of this soggy little island we call Great Britain. He's concerned that the trial of terror suspect Abu Hamza al-Masri (accused of inciting racial hatred and soliciting for murder) might not go his way:

"Good evening, how can I help."
"Are you Irish?"
"Good man. Don't think much of the Irish, you know."
"What can I do for you."
"It's about this Abu Hamza chap - he's a rat and we don't like rats. We have to send him back from whence he came and pronto! There's no time to waste."
"Where to?"
"Afghanistan, I'd say."
"And you're telling me this because..."
"Because you're going to tell the regions of course. Why else would I phone you? Silly willy."
"Of course. I'll get right on to it."
"Good man. You do that and I'll ring up the Home Office again in the morning and tell them too. We'll give them till midnight tomorrow."
"Excellent plan sir."
"This Hamza chap has to leave at once. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say, and I think the Archbishops of York and Canterbury will agree. Toodle-ooh."

Line goes dead

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