March 06, 2007

Luddites disband - technology's cool now

Further to my recent whinge about phones nae working, I think I,ve cracked it. I am actually writing this on my mobile phone in the scummiest fucking caravan I've ever had the misfortune to set foot in which is in a truckyard outside Middlesborough. How cool is that? (the phone, not the caravan). I hope like shit this works.
Also, I've even managed to locate not one, not two, but SEVEN US Government spy satellites (although they call them GPS or satnav or something).
Only downsides are:
I) Nae pictures - I'm sure I'll figure it out in good time.
II) Very, very sore thumbs.The keyboard, although a full qwerty version, is absoloutely tiny - approximately two inches by three - and the buttons are very stiff so I'm gonna stop round about here because this is only really an experimental entry.
Happy camping, digital kids.
Nanoo, nanoo!


Anonymous said...

It worked.

I'll just stick to my computer for now - it has a proper keyboards, spellchecking... and displays images too

Anonymous said...

Get these on to your PDA or whatever it is:


Ross K