January 26, 2006

You've been Glasgowed

Awrite ya dobbers. We hud this Euro burd kippin roon oors a cuppel o weeks back, bytheway. Wu hit the toon n got pure pished, like, 'n it went a bit radio rental. She sent us wan o 'em emails saying cheers an aw that. Here's whit she sez, bytheway:
"Hey there guys,
Thanks once again for letting me stay, giving me some to-do recommendations, and showing me a good time . I hope you enjoy the rice cakes - never had them before but they looked interesting.
Quick question - besides alcohol did we have anything else the other night? I can't really remember... I missed my plane this morning by the way - turns out I had to go to the Glasgow International Airport not Prestwick... so found myself at the wrong airport with no money and still quite tipsy - luckily a woman who worked their gave me some change so I could connect to the interent and transfer money into my account and I eventually got to the right airport. Not so cool: I had to pay a little over 180 pounds for a new plane ticket - na ja, c'est la vie - now I know there are 2 airports in Glasgow and I probably won't be forgetting that.

If you guys or your friends are ever in the Netherlands (or in Berlin in the summer), you're definitely welcome to drop by."
Steambots man! ats Glesca for ye, fanny baws!

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